Last deer hunting season, I used up all my vacation time to go and film my new vision for the outdoor video industry: Filming America’s Hunters. One at a Time.

These are the stories and everyday experiences of your fellow whitetail deer hunters. They hunt their own land, public land and group leases. 

This was the first time all of them ever had their deer hunts filmed by someone else. It was also the first time I had decided to film other hunters in a documentary type manner. Everyone didn’t get a deer but the experience was amazing, for all. It’s a different type of hunting video, one we all hope you enjoy. Buy the Season 1 DVD
Adam is the founder of First Light Gear and a native of Michigan. He loves bowhunting for whitetails and fishing for steelheads. 

“Having Rudy come out to our 2010 Whitetail camp was an amazing experience. Having a talented videographer filming my hunts definitely took the hunting experience to the next level and helped me hone my skills. The best part about Rudy is that he immerses himself in your hunting camp and is instantly one of the guys. I’m glad to have been a part of Huntography season one and can’t wait to continue hunting with Rudy for years to come.”
Melissa is a new deer hunter who has grown up in the great outdoors. Her passion for bringing people together is unmatched. I’m proud to call her my friend!

“Beyond my expectations!!! Loved every minute of it!!  Never had anyone in my box stand hunting with me, it was a strange but GREAT thing!!! Plus, hunting from the GROUND was AWESOME with you I am so HAPPY yall encouraged me to do it!!! Can’t wait till next October when we do it again!!! I want to be a HUNTOGRAPHER!!!! You ROCK!!!”
Gasper is a New Yorker through and through. An executive in the business world during the day and a die hard outdoorsman by heart. He’s on a quest to kill a world record spike!

“I enjoyed being a part of Huntography!! I think Rudy is doing a wonderful thing with this project and I totally support it! It was a great experience and can’t wait till he returns back to New York next year for season two. Oh and Rudy, next time you sit where I tell you to sit and no tweeting on the treestand with your I-phone.”
Ronnie is a life long Georgia deer hunter and family man. His knowledge and strategies for deer hunting are uncanny. A great storyteller.

“It was AWESOME!! Great Experience!! Never thought I would have the opportunity!!! Love to do it again!! Huntography is ALWAYS welcome at Drop Tine Hunting Club!!!”
Lori is a straight shooter. Her passion for family and the outdoors is inspiring. A fine bourbon connoisseur.

“I was a bit nervous at first, being filmed the first time I was out deer hunting. I have been primarily a bird sportswoman before, but growing up in West Virginia, I have enjoyed the heritage of all kinds of hunting all my life. I especially appreciate Huntography capturing me passing down that heritage to my daughter, Hannah. Hunting is not just for boys! Those moments captured on film are so very dear to both of us and am so glad that they are preserved forever. Thank you for being there and sharing so much information, knowledge, and the experience with us. We will never forget it!”
Jimmy is the kind of guy every deer camp should have. Truly a passionate hunter who cares about passing on our deer hunting heritage to the youth of tomorrow.

“Hopefully, this documentary will encourage the everyday hunter to continue the LEGACY of the everyday hunter and the heritage of deer hunting!!! We need to teach the younger generations about hunting or it will be a lost forever!!”
Luke hails from Michigan and in addition to deer hunting, is fanatical about duck hunting and fishing. A great family guy with an analytical view of hunting tactics. 

“For me, having a true Huntographer around brings the hunt to a whole new level. What Rudy brings to table will forever change the way you think about a hunt.”
Hanna is new to whitetail deer hunting but not to the outdoors. She’s a budding singer and Steeplechase horse racer. 

“It was a really fun experience to be out hunting with my mom, and being filmed at the same time. It’s an experience I will never forget!”
David is a whiz at making & fixing things. I think he owns every tool imaginable. Big New York bucks are his forte. 

“It was a great experience and I hope Rudy comes back next year. Meeting new friends, experiencing new adventures, new land to hunt – Good times By the way, you seriously smelled like worms bro!”
Tex is from Mich-i-gan. His passions are hunting monster Whitetail bucks with his Mathews bow, calling predators, gunpowder and cooking up some mean eats.

“Hey Rudy, I am a Huntographer……The rut is onnnnnnn!”
As a young hunter, Avery is the epitome of the next generation of America’s deer hunters. Being a survivor of many brain surgeries, he’s lucky to be hunting and loves every second of it. It was an honor to hunt with him.

“As a teenager to be filmed for the “everyday hunter” was a GREAT honor!!! Can’t wait till next time ~and you better be here n October!!!”
Luat is known for shooting young doe fawns with his bow and occasionally wounding a deer or two :) Seriously, he’s a diehard deer hunter and fisherman who is the life of the deer camp.

“Rudy’s love for the outdoors and hunting is apparent the first time you talk to him. He is truly an advocate of the sport and a great guy to boot. Having Rudy film our camp was a great experience as well as a fun one. I hope to have in come back again next season!”
Tyler is a professional bareback rider who grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado in the Rocky Mountains.  He’s been an avid big-game bow hunter his entire life.  In 2009, he took a deer with a score of 171 and a bull that scored 326 within a week of each other in the mountains above Grand Junction, Colorado.

“I had a blast hunting with Huntography and look forward to chasing more critters in front of the camera. Who would ever thought meeting someone on Twitter could bring so much.”
If you’re interested in being a part of the 2011 Huntography deer hunting documentary, please contact us by clicking this link.

2010 Huntographers

2010 Huntographers

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