My thoughts on continuing the DeerTour and A Message from @writinghuntress

I stand here with my computer on top of my car writing and sharing this with all of you because ya’ll should have some insight to what we went through last night.

If you’ve been following the deertour you know the great experience we had in the woods last evening – Lisa getting her first buck,with a bow, with DU 20 yards away in a climber and on camera. It was an exhilarating moment for all of us. One of those things we will all remember forever.

We were all so excited to come back to their cabin to celebrate and reflect on what we experienced.

But that’s when Lisa found the note on the door. It was not good. One of their dogs, Oscar, got into a fight with a neighbors dog and it ended up being fatal for both. I won’t get into the details as that’s not what matters.

They are grieving the loss of their beloved dog, a family member. Something like this is not easy. Please send them your prayers and well wishes and give her some time.

My heart goes out Lisa and Mike. We experienced some amazing times and and some devastating ones as well. Please hang in their my friends as Oscar is happy eating some all-you-can-eat twinkies by a pond somewhere.

Honestly, Last night I questioned even continuing the deertour. I am so deeply effected by what we all went through. It made me think about my wife and kids and how much I miss them. How I’m sad to be missing so many moments with them over the course of these 4 weeks because of the deertour. I question if it’s worth it. What’s important.

But when I mentioned it to Lisa and Mike this morning. They told me to continue. So I dedicate the remainder of the trip to them and Oscar. They have really made an impact on me.

This is life. This is deerhunting. We have little to no control of what happens. We need to cherish every moment with those we love.

So, I must go on.

RIP Oscar.

– Rudy

My thoughts on continuing the DeerTour and A Message from @writinghuntress  whitetail deer hunting blog

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