My Future Bow Sight – Trijicon Accupin

I’m a big fan or Trijicon and have two 3-9 accupoints on my rifles. After hearing rumors of them coming out with a bow sight last year, I’m so happy to see the new Trijicon Accupin.

From the looks of it, it’s an amazing micro 1 pin adjustable sight that gives you the ability to change yardages from 20 to 80 yards. The yardages are etched into the Accupin, unlike that of my Sureloc Lethal Weapon bowsight which uses tape to mark the yardages.

From Trijicon:

“The Trijicon AccuPin is a breakthrough in bow sight technology, design and engineering. The heart of the innovative design lies in it’s triangular aiming tip and clear aiming pin. With a precision aiming point and zero obstructions, this one-of-a-kind configuration has an aiming point that actually points to your target instead of obscuring it. Add Trijicon’s acclaimed battery-free dual-illumination and the AccuPin provides the brightest pin sight on the market. Another key feature is the Trijicon AccuDial™ mount. Equipped with BowSync™ technology, this infinitely variable transmission enables exact range adjustment, synchronization for any bow/arrow combination and easy on-the-fly adjustments—without having to rely on a clumsy strip of tape.”

Now do I really need a new bow sight? No. Would it be nice to have? Heck yes. Will it happen before bowhunting season? Maybe.

My Future Bow Sight   Trijicon Accupin archery

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